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Maolong Fae'La Draco WIP
Colors are done, but I only added simple shading. No background yet, either. Used a reference I found online.. highly reffed on the head.
Little Fayth
Cutest, smallest, and youngest of the Fayth.. but probably one of the most powerful as an Aeon. I added in a chibi of the Aeon as well, based off a different chibi.

If you can't tell, this is Bahamut (main focus on his Fayth) from FFX, without tattered pants, and forced to wear shoes.
Alright, everyone. I've decided to start doing reviews on movies I see. People seem to like this for some reason. I will review certain aspects, like the story, animation, effects, fun factor, and whatever else I deem necessary for the film in question. Films will probably get a 'wtf?' sections, where I will talk about how twisted the movie is, 'wtf?' moments, and how much the film messed with my mind. I will also give the film a score based on the stars score that most movie sites use. Lastly, I will always analyze any negative aspects. All films have them. But I'll be sure to add if it's overshadowed by awesomeness and/or fun. This is only my opinion, so please bear with me. Also- there might be some SPOILERS! You have been warned! Here we go!

Story: Overall, the story of Minions is a little odd. It's presented as a sort of documentary about how the Minions came to be, but it isn't presented this way for the whole film. Instead, when they reach the late 1960's, it follows only three Minions: Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. This is where the story gets interesting to me, as it shows the Minions on a road trip to Villain Con, then follows their tale afterwards. This section is more in the traditional comedy style of watching three very inept (and barely understandable) creatures reacting to their environment, and the people/environment reacting to them. This makes for some great fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their ploys. The choice to follow only these three, I think, worked in the movie's favor. It gave us time to develop these three Minions, each with their own personality. Little Bob is freakishly adorable, Stuart loves the guitar/ukulele, and Kevin is the leader of the group, and provides most of the direction for the other two. Gru shows up only at the very end, after exhausting the storyline with Scarlet Overkill and Queen Elizabeth, and I liked that. They gave us a great ending, and only then gave the Minions a new villain to chase and try to serve. This continues in the credits, which is fun. It seems that Gru doesn't want them at first. Pretty amusing. About the time Gru shows up, the documentary style returns, along with the narrator. The story is told somewhat strangely, but it isn't overall unpleasant. I personally got a bit bored with watching the Minions going through history and evolving, but it doesn't last long enough to get annoyed with it, which makes it work. They bring in all of the other Minions, but only near the end of the story, so we get to know three of them well, and follow their story in a fluid and interesting way. You do see the other Minions doing their thing but those scenes are relatively short, and they're pretty funny too. The main concentration is on the three who leave, but you are given interesting glimpses of what the others are doing during the story, so you won't forget about the others, or the mission the three main Minions are on. Everything worked and meshed very well, and the comedy was pretty great.

Animation: Not bad. It has the same animation as the Despicable Me films. They didn't try to reinvent the wheel here, which I am glad for. Some backgrounds seem to have a bit more going on than we've really seen before, but this works to the film's advantage, especially using a huge army of Minions in some shots, or a whole city in others. They use everything to their advantage, from lighting to wide angle shots, and dynamic backgrounds. It was pretty impressive. Like, when they're at Villain Con, and they pan out a bit to show you the crowd, it looks like a real crowd. People talking to themselves, moving, and expressionate. When they introduce Scarlet Overkill, you really feel the excitement in the room. Most impressive! Some backgrounds are very still, and this works well also. There's one scene where the Minion army is crossing a gorge. There isn't much going on in the background, but your attention is right where it should be- on what the Minions are doing. Overall, this was done really well. The style is simple but effective, and everything culminates into an interesting and dynamic scene, even when not a lot is happening.

Fun factor: High. This movie is so much fun, I was more energized after seeing it than I was when I entered the theatre. Some parts are a little dull, but they exist to give you a break from the action and excitement packed into most of the film. The comedy is done excellently, and so little is wasted with the idea of the small yellow creatures interacting with the world. I loved most of the movie. While I found the documentary-like beginning a little dull, they still have comedy packed into it. It still keeps your attention on it. And you're given a more in-depth section when they head out of the cave, so it's really worth any boring moments.

WTF?: One part made me go 'wtf?' in this movie- when Kevin is turned into a giant. I wasn't overly sure about the point of this, but watching the giant Minion was pretty amusing, even if I didn't really understand why it was there. It was so odd, but it was fairly well done. You see him struggling to squeeze through the narrow streets of London, which is brilliant, and he probably causes more damage than he saves, but that's really overshadowed by his actions.

Negative Feedback: Honestly, I would have rather seen less of the evolution of the Minions than they gave us. Sure, they didn't focus on it long, but in my opinion, it overstayed it's welcome. Why concentrate for so long on something that isn't really the main focus? You can get a feel that the Minions need to have a master to be happy without drawing it out. Also, why make Kevin a giant? Sure, it worked out in the end by how he fights against Scarlet Overkill, but this could have been done in a much more interesting way. Maybe he could have used all the weapons he was collecting, instead of becoming afraid and getting 'Machine Ex Machina'ed into being a giant. I would have rather seen him take on all the villains hunting them than having him scare them away. But really, it wasn't that bad. Sure, it was the typical 'Ex Machina' that's used in a lot of movies, but the giant Minion scenes were done fairly well. The documentary started getting drawn out, but they knew when to start focusing on the other story before it got really old. Everything dumb that happens is really just the Minions being Minions, or the villains being inept, as villains seem to be in this universe. So it's pretty believable. For every time they don't give you a payoff you expect, they give you a payoff that makes you go 'What?' It's not really bad- in fact, it kept me guessing about what would happen next. They don't just hand you everything you expect. Minions aren't normal, and this movie really plays around with that concept. However, the Giant Kevin scene is way too long. It runs past the point of being fun, and into the realm of stupidity. However, overall, I was only mildly annoyed by a few parts, but the rest really makes up for it.

Score: 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars. I can't give this movie a straight 5, because it does have its serious flaws. Even if I can overall cop with how stupid some things are, they're still really stupid. The giant Kevin scene goes on too long, the documentary section overstays its welcome, and the 'Machine Ex Machina' part is really dumb. Great fun for a great movie, but a little dumb. Pretty much par for the course as Despicable Me goes, really.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Until next time!
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